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How to install Logmein

Solution 02-13-2014 Important Note: Logmein no longer offers free remote desktop accounts for personal use.

Please Note: eve, Inc. is not affiliated or endorsed by Logmein, Inc. in any way. These instructions are for our customers' convenience only.

To enable Remote Desktop:

Install Logmein

Go to: http://logmein.com

Click "Create an account" under Logmein button.

Click "Free" under heading "Logmein Free"

Fill in details, Make sure to write down the email and password you use, then click "Create Account"

Check for an email that says "Please Activate Your Account" - look in
spam folder if you do not see it within five minutes

Click the link under:


Please DO NOT REPLY to this message - it is an automated email and your reply will not be received. For more information, please contact LogMeIn Customer Support.

Dear LogMeIn User,

Thank you for registering with LogMeIn (www.LogMeIn.com).

To verify your account, simply click this link or copy and paste it into your web browser:


Click the link and it will take you to a new page

Click ADD COMPUTER next to the orange arrow on the right side of the screen.

Click green "Download Now" button to download the software. Save the
file to your desktop or somewhere else easy to find.

Double click the file when it finishes downloading, and/or Click RUN if asked.

Click NEXT when the Logmein installer window pops up.


Screen shows Typical install - click NEXT

Computer Description - leave as is and click NEXT

Destination Location - leave as is and click NEXT

Install status screen shows - wait

If you get any popup warnings, always click ALLOW, CONTINUE, NEXT, etc

Setup Completed - Click FINISH

Click "My Computers" link on Logmein Webpage to see your computer in the list.

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